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Wild Country

Chiropractic & Massage

Meet Dr. Noel

Meet Dr. Noel, DC, RMT

Chiropractor & Registered Massage Therapist

My Why

I first became interested in Chiropractic through wanting to be a Sports Massage Therapist. I had a minor sports injury that I thought was the end of the world. I saw a Sports Massage Therapist and in a single treatment he made me feel as if he screwed new legs onto my body. He inspired me and I developed a need to be able to make others feel the same way. After a number of years of being a Massage Therapist I become frustrated with not being able to do more for my clients, I realized that in order to do more, I would have to become more. Through life's bumps and bruises I lost a sense of fear that held me back from further pursuing who I wanted to become, and thus inspired by my personal Chiropractor, I became a Chiropractor!

My Education

I attained a Diploma in Massage Therapy and a Sports Massage Therapy certificate from the Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I went on to further my education in Kinesiology, but never finished the degree. I had career successes working with the NHL, there after I started my Chiropractic education in Sydney, Australia but ended up graduating at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

I look forward to meeting the folks of Okotoks and the surrounding area that make the town and region feel Wildly amazing!

Why Chiropractic and Massage

Why Gonstead Chiropractic? Why Massage Therapy?

The potion is more than just what's in the lotion...

History ~ Gonstead Chiropractic

Dr. Gonstead developed the Gonstead Method after a career as a Heavy Duty Mechanic for John Deere and also as a Automotive Mechanic. Born in 1898 he worked tirelessly 7 days a week for 55 years and is said to have adjusted over 4 million people. Eventually he built an airport and a hotel to support his worldly success. 

Methodology ~ Gonstead 

The Gonstead Method uses visualization, instrumentation, palpation, x-ray, and patient symptoms to determine the exact spot (area of "subluxation") that needs to adjust. These findings allow a specific adjustment to be given. The greater the specificity, the greater the positive change in a patient’s health.

Massage purpose

When you are not moving properly or if there is pressure on a particular nerve, the muscular system will be tight and tense; this can result in pain or dysfunction. Over a period of time the body will adapt and support that improper movement to reduce pain. Massage Therapy can be utilized to restore proper movement by allowing soft tissues to slide on top of each other, or give them the breathing room in their compartments that they are supposed to have. 

Philosophy ~ Gonstead at a glance

A subluxation is a misalignment of a joint that results in pressure on the nervous system. With this interference the brain is unable to communicate like it is supposed to with the rest of the body. The effects? There can be a plethora of symptoms. Pain is commonly experienced as a result of this, however there are other symptoms that may arise prior to pain. A Gonstead Chiropractors' approach is directed at finding the cause of the symptom (from the foundation up) that happens to be resulting in pain, adverse to management of the pain. The adjustments that are given are precise. They are directed to correct a specific motion of a few specific areas of decreased motion and nerve interference. Addressing the main trouble spots of a few areas will aid in correcting the mechanics of the body as a whole. 


Why not combine the two? This is one thing that makes Wild Country Chiropractic & Massage unique... Dr. Noel not only tailors your chiropractic adjustment or massage; both are tailored for a more in-depth treatment. With Wild Country Chiropractic & Massage, it's a given that both your Chiropractor and Massage Therapist are on the same page.   

Chiropractic ~ Massage


"Noel is very knowledgeable, personable and efficient. He worked with me to solve my problem with a lower back injury i got from playing squash. After a few months my injury had completely healed and i am pain free. I highly recommend Noel for anyone looking for  a chiropractor."

- M Heaney


Massage Therapy

Massage treatments primarily revolve around Myofascial Therapy and Thai Massage. However Dr. Noel is well versed in relaxation modalities such as general Swedish, Hot Stone, Facial, Reflexology, Accupressure and other spa techniques.


Dr. Noel intensively studied the Gonstead Methodology and is his primary go-to technique for treating all walks and ages. In addition to treating the spine, Dr. Noel also intensively studied extremity adjusting for all other joint needs. Other techniques outside of Gonstead are also known.


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158 Elma St W

Okotoks, AB, T1S 1K2

Despite the address, Wild Country Chiropractic & Massage is located on Crescent Ave. (directly north of 158 Elma St W), look for the purple door!

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